Dental Bridges & Crowns in Cynthiana, KY - Functional & Cosmetic Restorations

At Primo Smiles, we help patients with badly broken or missing teeth restore the natural beauty of a strong and healthy smile. We provide custom-made dental crowns and fixed dental bridges in Cynthiana, KY. Both crowns and bridges are cosmetic and restorative in nature; these prosthetics help you get a smile that looks great and feels great as well.

What Does a Dental Crown Treat?

Dental crowns are typically indicated when you have a tooth that is seriously decayed and cannot be repaired with a filling. A crown can be made of porcelain-over-metal, or even solid porcelain or ceramic, and is placed over the top part of your tooth.

In getting a dental crown from our Cynthiana dentists, you’re sealing out further damage to the affected tooth and helping to restore its strength. Teeth damaged by decay may become loose or sensitive, and cannot support full biting and chewing power. Moreover, decayed tooth look as damaged as they feel. Dental crowns restore the healthy appearance and full function of teeth that have been flawed by dental decay.

Why Do I Need a Dental Bridge?

Bridges are a great option for replacing missing teeth. If you’ve had a tooth knocked out in an accident, or needed to have a tooth extracted, our restorative dentists can fill in the gap in your smile with a fixed dental bridge.

A dental bridge consists of a few parts: two dental crowns and a pontic (otherwise known as a fake tooth). The dental crowns are placed on top of teeth neighboring the gap, with the pontic taking place of the missing tooth. We make fixed bridges to provide maximum cosmetic benefit; your restoration is specially created to match your existing teeth. No one will know you’re missing a tooth!

Alternatives to Fixed Bridges:  A bridge is ideal for patients with single missing teeth, however, if you’re missing several consecutive teeth, other treatments may be necessary. RPD, or a removable partial denture, is great option for replacing multiple teeth. Partial dentures are retainer-like appliances with replacement teeth attached. You simply pop the denture in, and you have a full and complete smile.

Dental implants are another excellent choice for replacing teeth. Implants are surgically installed, permanent restorations that may be indicated for patients with multiple, consecutive missing teeth. Dental implants can even act as permanent anchors to support a dental bridge.

Missing Teeth? Damaged Teeth? Our Cynthiana Dentists Can Help!

Our whole dental team is committed to your oral health and wellness. If you have teeth that have been negatively affected by decay, or even if you have missing teeth – we have solutions that will work for you. Our crowns and dental bridges help restore your smile to a state of strength and beauty. We’ll help you find the treatment that fits your needs and goals for care.

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