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Clear braces are a great way to get a straighter smile, without resorting to metal brackets and wires. At Primo Smiles, we help patients get well-aligned teeth with Invisalign® in Cynthiana. With a straight and beautiful smile, you get a boost of confidence and are making a positive step toward protecting your oral health for years to come.

Why Choose Clear Braces?ClearCorrect Clear Braces in Cynthiana

While metal braces are popular among kids and pre-teens, many adults are less excited to wear a mouth full of metal to social and professional environments. We offer clear aligners to help our patients get discreet treatment. The biggest selling point of getting clear braces is that they are, in fact, transparent, but this orthodontic treatment method offers other advantages, such as:

Removability –  Invisalign® uses custom-molded, invisible plastic trays to move teeth into position. These trays are not bonded to teeth, unlike metal braces, so you can take them out to eat, drink, and brush twice a day.

Convenience – Because there are no wires or bonded brackets, our clear braces patients don’t have to use special dental tools or picks to clean around appliances.  The aligner trays pop out of place, leaving you free to brush and floss your teeth as you usually would.

Comfort – The metal used in regular braces is notorious for cutting and scraping the inside of patients’ mouths, but clear braces don’t cause these same issues.  The aligner trays are smooth plastic with no sharp edges or points; wearing your appliance won’t cause harm to soft tissue.

When you visit our Cynthiana dental office to get Invisalign, Dr. Kerns will complete an initial oral health exam and speak to you about your concerns and goals for treatment. Once you’re ready for treatment to begin, we’ll take impressions of your teeth and bite alignment. Next, we will send your impressions off so your new set of aligner trays can be built! Most patients complete their treatment plan in an average of 18 months, though every case is different. You could have a straight smile in less time than you think! Invisalign aligners are the most comfortable and durable option in clear aligners with 20 years of research and results to their name. 

What Clear Braces Can Do for Your Smile

While having well-aligned teeth looks beautiful, straighter smiles also do quite a bit for your general oral health. Straight teeth and a balanced bite do a better job at evenly distributing biting and chewing force. Clear braces can help prevent the uneven wear and tear on teeth caused by poor alignment by moving teeth into a more ideal position. Straight teeth are also easier to keep clean – there are no overlapping teeth to attempt to floss between, which cuts down on your risk for gum disease and dental decay.
We’re happy to show you the way to a healthier, more beautiful smile with Invisalign® in Cynthiana, Kentucky.

Ready to learn more? Contact Primo Smiles today for your FREE consultation or to get more information about what  Invisalign® can do to straighten your teeth.

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